Glare Technology

Stingray Eyewear offers various lens colours designed to improve your clarity and visibility whilst out on the water, so you can focus on your catch.

Blue Lens Technology

THE OPEN WATER PARTNER: Best suited for bright conditions and open water fishing. High glare reduction for natural colour and depth perception.
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Green Lens Technology

THE INSHORE MATE: Best used in conditions where the water clarity is not stable e.g. inshore and sight fishing. Reduces glare, enhances depth perception and offers great clarity.
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Smoke Lens Technology

THE ALL-ROUNDER: Suited to all conditions. Offers great clarity and the most natural contrast for bright and sunny days.
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Photochromic Copper

FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: Suited to all fishing environments. Increases colour contrast for sharpest definitions even in low light conditions. Transitions from light to dark in changing light conditions (Category 2 to Category 3).
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