Dedicated Fishermen need uncompromising eyewear. Fishing is more than a sport, it’s a passion, an adventure that brings you back to Mother Nature. We know that uncompromising eyewear is as important as your tackle to battle the extreme elements. This is why Stingray Polarised Eyewear has been developed to ensure, that you can tackle every chase in the harsh Australian conditions. Stingray polarised eyewear brings you the clarity and comfort you need to land the catch of your life!

More than 20 years of experience in the Eyewear industry has helped us develop an eyewear range, which will not just cope with the harsh conditions, but provide excellent clarity, colour separation, depth perception and zero eye fatigue for every fisherman. Stingray eyewear offers impeccable design, dependability and superior lens technology. Of course, all our sunglasses are polarised, providing the best possible visibility and 100% protection from harmful UV rays. Manufactured using only A+ grade materials including marine grade stainless steel, high-grade Polycarbonates, shatter-proof lenses, anti-glare, anti-scratch and hydrophobic coatings.

Polarised Fishing Sunglasses for Men

Why choose Stingray Polarised Eyewear?

Spot the Difference

All our glasses are Polarised to give you the best visibility and glare reduction while you are out on the water. Additional Lens Features, like our Hydrophobic coating make sure, that you live your day to the fullest. No headaches, no eyestrains and easy cleaning.

100% Protection

As an Australian company with over 20 years of experience in the Australian Eyewear industry, we understand the harsh Australian conditions. This is why all our lenses give you 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. All our sunnies meet or exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1067.1:2016.

Great Range of Styles

We offer a great range of frames for all different preferences, head sized and shapes. We only use premium material for the best comfort and durability. Click here to see our full range.

Saving coin

For a good pair of sunnies, you can easily spend over $200. We made it our mission to develop a fishing specific range with superior technology and the features you can wish for, which is affordable. Polarised vs Non-Polarised Sunglasses: Stingray Eyewear eliminates glare when fishing so you can focus on catching fish.

Reduce the Glare Fishing Sunglasses for Men Australia

Style is important. But what real fishermen need are sunglass lenses which enable you to live your passion without limitations. There is much more to fishing than just throwing out a line and there is much more science to Stingray lenses than your average pair of sunglasses. Built with superior lens technology, high-quality materials and for harsh outdoor conditions.

Sunglasses without polarisation, protect you from UV rays, but not reflected light. The Stingray Polarised filter in our premium lenses efficiently eliminate glare, so that your eyes are more comfortable, and you can truly enjoy your chase, all day long. No eye fatigue, headaches or distortion, just sharp colour contrast and crystal-clear vision.


Stingray polarised lenses eliminate this glare allowing just the best visible light through the eye. Light reflected from surfaces such as water is horizontally polarized instead of scattered in all directions. This leads to intense glare.

How does polarisation work? This is how the light reflected on the water can affect your eyes while fishing...



THE ALL-ROUNDER: Suited to all conditions. Offers great clarity and the most natural contrast for bright and sunny days.

Smoke Lens Fishing Sunglasses for Men


FROM DUSK TIL DAWN: Suited to all fishing environments. Increases colour contrast for sharpest definitions even in low light conditions. Transitions from light to dark in changing light conditions (Category 2 to Category 3).
Photochromic Copper Lens Fishing Sunglasses for Men


THE OPEN WATER PARTNER: Best suited for bright conditions and open water fishing. High glare reduction for natural colour and depth perception.
Blue Lens Fishing Sunglasses for Men


THE INSHORE MATE: Best used in conditions where the water clarity is not stable e.g. inshore and sight fishing. Reduces glare, enhances depth perception and offers great clarity.
Green Mirror Lens Fishing Sunglasses for Men


Stingray Polarised Eyewear only uses premium materials to ensure the highest comfort and the best durability in the harsh fishing conditions.


Our frames are made of flexible, lightweight and durable TR 90 or premium PC (Polycarbonate) for all-around comfort.


To ensure that Stingray sunglasses last a long time, we are using rust-free stainless-steel screws and hinges. For additional protection, our hinges are injected into the frame.

Stingray Eyewear Fishing Sunglasses under $100

The Stingray Team